Creativeness and innovating unique concepts and ideas in the field of designing are established in our core beliefs. We are one of the leading design companies in UAE.

NOOR DESIGN was established in 2015 adopting contemporary and modern approaches that details-focused and aiming at delivering the prestigious designs to our clients. Since establishment we have provided interior and exterior designs innovative solutions besides renovations services and decorations to all sectors including residential and commercial buildings, villas, hotels, and restaurants.

NOOR DESIGN provides integrated services of unique interior designs, proper fit-out, supervision and delivery as per the schedule agreed upon with the client.

Driven by our client’s connivance and keening on delivering the works as per the accuracy and speed agreed upon, we have co-operated with friendly companies which we have trust in their abilities and experience. In Engineering Consultations and Urban Planning, we have cooperated with the longstanding Sharjah Engineering Consultants who have the established record and wide-expertise in the architecture and construction. Which provides various services including designing, implementing and maintaining the private and public gardens. We recommend Oxygen Air-condition for the services of supplying and fit-out of ACs. In IT and Infrastructure of networks and smart-home systems, we have cooperated with SMART NETWORK SOLUTIONS. In financial aspects, including of contracts and payments, we have cooperated with Revat Financial & Tax Consultancy. We have succeeded to gain the confidence of our customers, which is the backbone of our work and approach.

NOOR DESIGN distinctive and peculiar design solutions best-fit different areas and transcend them into a distinguished piece of art. Driven by our designs that incubate a mix of eastern and western cultures, Greek art, Italian style, and British innovation, we are one of the distinctive companies in the field of interior design and decoration in UAE.

CEO's Message

NOOR DESIGN established itself as a dynamic and advanced company to be among the leading interior designing and decorations companies. Relying on hard working and committing to quality, we have made tremendous progress and achievements in different sectors, despite the difficult market condition.

Our steady footprints and success empowered us to a new era of growth to provide the best services to our clients and implement various projects on the local or international domains

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